Wednesday, June 5, 2013

i m working mother

hi there..
lama tak jumpa yer?? minta maaflah..mrsd busy dengan life mrsd. beberapa hari ni anak mrsd sakit plak. demam. anak laki aku la, most of all the time, my life feel really compact. lately mrsd dah temui a way out for my better life. #cross-finger!! so...agak busy la juga nak setting my own business. well..actually, i m just my boss assistant. and for sure my boss is my husband. i have to do anything and everything by my own. the boss just invest and the rest is my effort.

for the time being, i do my work from home. really hard to do so. my kids always want to see my. i use to lock myself in the room.however my daughter is super duper *stitch.  She really dont want me to do my work and keep on disturb me. and if i lock the door, she keep on banging the door and cry loudly so tat i open the door for her. and....when she entered the room, fuhhhh, she started to touch here and there thus my i lost focus. so, to pleased her. i have to go out and accompany her. actually doing nothing..just sit there and she will be happy. nowadays really know how to get our attention.  Nyway, we are still in process survey for an office thus i will do my work like others...seriously, working office hour because i need focus and really need my own territory or space.

though i m busy with my work, aku ni masih lagi mencemar duli di dapur. memasak sudah sinonim dengan diri ini. kang aku tak masak, tak berselera plak makan. my helper pun kuat makan if i yang masak. sometimes bla i biar jer dia masak, dia sendiri tak lalu makan. tapi bila i yang masak, i can trigger dia punya selera termasuk aku derrrr...haha....bukan nak bangga diri, tapi bila kita masak dengan hati dan perasaan, confirm apa yang kita masak akan menyebabkan pertambahan nasi ke dalam pinggan. haha...

okayla..nak masak dulu. bye..